Books by Douglas Jackson

Rufus, the animal trainer, has an almost psychic bond with the beasts he trains and inevitably comes to the attention of the Imperial court. When he’s appointed keeper of the Emperor's elephant, little does he realise he'll be drawn into a maelstrom of plot and conspiracy that will take all his resources to survive.
Emperor Claudius needs a military victory to cement his place on the throne. His eyes turn to the island of Britannia. Where Divine Caesar failed, Claudius intends to conquer. Rufus, keeper of the Emperor’s elephant, Bersheba, accompanies him on the invasion. But one man will not be cowed by the might of Roman power. Caratacus.
Hero of Rome
Gaius Valerius Verrens, tribune of the Twentieth legion, is reaching the end of his year’s service in Britannia and must return to Rome. But the gods are stirring the cauldron of Celtic resentment against Roman rule. Soon only one man will stand between the rebel queen Boudicca and the destruction of the Roman province.
Defender of Rome
Gaius Valerius Verrens returns to Rome damaged in mind and body by his experiences in Britannia. All he wants to do is rest and continue his studies, but the Emperor Nero has other ideas. A mysterious sect threatens the very foundations of the Empire and Valerius must hunt down its leader before it's too late.
Avenger of Rome
Avenger of Rome is the third book in the Gaius Valerius Verrens series. Valerius is sent on a mission to the East where he will face his greatest challenge and discover that the most dangerous enemy is not always the one you face on the battlefield.
Sword of Rome
June AD 68 and Rome holds its breath as Nero's rule threatens to end in blood and fire. Gaius Valerius Verrens puts his life on the line in the opening skirmishes of the Year of the Four Emperors and embarks on an epic journey to save the Empire from Civil War. The fourth book in the Valerius series.