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  • Caligula by Douglas Jackson


    by Douglas Jackson

    Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the third Roman Emperor, is better known by another name: Caligula, a name synonymous with decadence, cruelty and madness. His reign was marked by excess, huge building projects, the largest gladiatorial battles Rome was ever to see - men and animals killed in their hundreds - conspiracies, assassination attempts and sexual scandal.

    Rufus as a young slave grows up far from the corruption of the imperial court. His master is a trainer of animals for the gladiatorial arena. Rufus discovers that he has a natural ability with animals, a talent for controlling and schooling them. It is at the arenas that Rufus meets his great friend Cupido, one of Rome's greatest gladiators.

    It is his growing reputation as an animal trainer and his friendship with Cupido that attracts the cruel gaze of the Emperor. Caligula wants a keeper for the imperial elephant and Rufus is bought from his master and taken to the imperial palace. Life here is dictated by Caligula's ever shifting moods. Caligula is as generous as he is cruel, he is a megalomaniac who declares himself a living god and simultaneously lives in constant fear of the plots against his life. But his paranoia is not misplaced, intrigue permeates his court, and Rufus and Cupido find themselves unwittingly placed at the centre of a conspiracy to assassinate the Emperor.

    Hardback Paperback Kindle

    Published: Monday 14, July 2008
    Genre: Fiction
    Publisher: Bantam Press
    Pages: 336

    Reviews (3)

      Aug 26, 2012 at 05:11 PM

      Greetings from a new well read reader of historical novels in living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
      The Romans never came this far, that is, not until you wrote "Calligula" - the first book of yours that I have read as one keenly interested in Roman history and I was enthralled.
      Top class stuff that I found extremely difficult to put to one side as it tends to somewhat surpass that of Con Iggulden and Simon Scarrow whose writings I also enjoy, but as "The Scotsman" says on the cover of your book "Claudius", if I were them I would be rather worried by the new kid on the block.
      I am looking forward to whatever else written by you that I can find in the bookshops or library. Keep up the wonderful work Douglas!

    2. By Jargis:
      Jan 25, 2013 at 02:03 AM

      Gread read, all the way from Fallin.

      Fae Jargis

    3. By Ken Morgan:
      Feb 10, 2014 at 11:25 AM

      First of Mr Jackson's books I have read. Absolutely enthralling. Had to make special time to read it so as not to be disturbed.
      Hoped to find a follow up and good old internet supplied the info. Looking forward to some great summer reading.
      Keep up the good work.

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