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  • Claudius by Douglas Jackson


    by Douglas Jackson

    The year is 43 ad … In Southern England, Caratacus, war chief of the Britons, watches from a hilltop as the scarlet cloaks of the Roman legions spread across his lands like blood.
    In Rome, Emperor Claudius, newly risen to the imperial throne, dreams of taking his place in history alongside his illustrious forebears Caesar and Augustus.

    Among the legions marches Rufus, keeper of the Emperor’s elephant. War is coming and the united tribes of Britain will make a desperate stand against the might of Rome. The Emperor has a very special purpose for Rufus and his elephant in the midst of the battle – to cow the Britons with a visible manifestation of Rome’s power.

    Claudius is a masterful telling of one of the greatest stories from Roman history: the conquest of Britain. It is an epic story of ambition, courage, conspiracy, battle and bloodshed, and confirms Douglas Jackson as one of the best historical novelists writing today.

    Hardback Paperback Kindle

    Published: Thursday 16, July 2009
    Genre: Fiction
    Publisher: Bantam Press
    Pages: 336

    Reviews (1)

    1. By gavelli giorgio:
      Jan 20, 2013 at 03:53 PM

      la lettura di questo libro,(claudio),mi ha veramente entusiasmato.quando leggevo ero immerso nel paesaggio, nell'atmosfera particolare degli attimi prima delle battaglie,cosa difficile da creare.è descritta molto bene la situazione dei vincitori e dei vinti da ogni punto di vista,fisico e morale.per esser più chiaro,ho partecipato al loro stato d'animo come se fossi in mezzo a loro.ottimo romanzo storico,ottima e avvincente lettura
      gavelli giorgio-forlì,20-01-2013

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