As James Douglas

James Douglas is the name I use when I’m writing my mystery thriller novels and it’s actually a very comfortable fit because my given name is James Douglas Jackson. I also have an interest in Sir James Douglas, or the Black Douglas, Robert the Bruce’s right hand man, who had land holdings around my home town of Jedburgh, and in 1316 at Lintalee fought off an English attack on the town.

The Doomsday Testament
1937: A Nazi scientist discovers a lost Tibetan artefact endowed with astonishing powers. 2007: Art dealer Jamie Saintclair discovers his grandfather’s wartime diary and a tantalising clue to a stolen masterpiece. Two unconnected events, a desperate race against time and an outcome that could save the world or destroy it.
The Isis Covenant
63AD: An expedition sent by Emperor Nero to find the legendary Queen Dido’s treasure vanishes without trace. 1945: As Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich burns to ashes around him a forgotten religious symbol appears for the first time in two millennia. Horrific murders in New York and London put Jamie Saintclair on the trail of the fabled Crown of Isis and into the sights of a ruthless serial killer.